Say NO to GPT!

We at Machine Intelligence categorically say no to the use of GPT. Would you like to start using it right now? No hard feelings… If you know what you’re doing, it’s your business. I’ll tell you why we don’t use it:

We have spent more than five years to ensure that artificial intelligence can be qualified as a reliable source under the strictest possible conditions: in the control of production processes and quality control. Does the phrases acceptance testing or quality assurance mean anything to you? (If so, you are our potential customer anyway.) That’s why I’m angry: We build trust and reliability slowly over years, but an express train comes and destroys it all in weeks. We have no doubt that the GPT-based economy will produce the most: data garbage and fake news. Very convincing and extremely real-looking ones. I know you will use it for something completely different. For some noble cause. Do you think the world will appreciate it when the vast majority of the information content generated by GPT systems will be fake? So you suck it the advertisement perfectly. (No pun intended.) Do not misunderstand! GPT is an amazing tool, but it becomes a weapon in everyone’s hands. Perfect tool to generate false content for money, for advertising things that don’t exist, for spreading extreme political views and more.

But there is no need to foresee such terrible things, so here is an easy one: in our old days, if an engineer didn’t really know anything useful but used the internet browser well, we called him a google hussar. He/she always says very smart things, but when it comes to actually doing something, rapidly bleeds out. GPT will be the google hussar of today. The names of the engineers who use it are even better and I can hardly hold back my laughter when I hear today’s puns. Prompt hero – oh sorry, officially: prompt engineer, and they really mean it! Every second-rate loafer who couldn’t even kick a ball during the real artificial intelligence development now thinks the time has come.

I have no doubt that you can make many enemies with such remarks. Just think about it, is it worth joining? Surely all that glitters is gold? Our opinion is that until the artificial intelligence has its OWN opinion and its expression has no consequences for it, it should not be taken seriously. It can say anything. Even worse: it will say what the prompt hero want. And you don’t want this nightmare to come true. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

So here is our statement: we at Machine Intelligence work by ourselves. If you see something from us, you can be sure that it was designed by engineers, built by engineers and supported by engineers.