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Report service

While the MInD editor, an integral part of the MInD platform, is able for real-time monitoring during Neural Network training, providing valuable insights into accuracy and performance as soon as specific measurements are selected, the Report Service provides a comprehensive and structured summary of the evaluation of the training at the end of the training. This summary is saved in a PDF file, so it can be viewed at any time.

In these detailed reports generated by ReportService, you can find a wide range of parameters, statistics and indicators that give a complete picture of the performance of the neural network. From accuracy and loss metrics to confusion matrices and other advanced evaluation measures, the ReportService enables you to make informed decisions about the readiness of your trained network for industrial applications.

Although it is highly recommended to have the ReportService on the same machine as the BrainService for seamless experience, it is also possible to set up the ReportService on any local or remote machine running the Windows operating system.

Key features

  • Training data analysis

    Extensive statistical analysis of training data enriched with example images.

  • Neural network architecture analysis

    Detailed information about the architecture of the trained neural network.

  • Training process analysis

    Shows how the learning process is evolved in time as well as examples of the preprocessed, augmented learning material that was directly fed to the neural network.

  • Neural network performance analysis

    At the end of the training the performance of neural network is evaluated. The evaluation result is reported according to the type of the trained neural network.