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Our website uses cookies to ensure its proper functioning and basic and convenient functions, for marketing purposes and for the production of anonymous statistics.

A cookie is a file (information package) that is placed on a device used for browsing when a data subject visits a website. The use of cookies provides an opportunity to collect certain data of the visitor and to record his / her Internet usage habits. In general, cookies can facilitate the use of a website, help the website to provide relevant information to the data subject, or provide the website operators with control over the operation of the website (e.g. to prevent abuse and properly provide the services available on the website).

Third-party cookies are also displayed on our website. In the case of cookies used by third parties, the third parties identified in the table in this Policy are considered data controllers; we have limited control over third-party cookies, concerning the data processing of third-party cookies the privacy policies of these third parties shall apply. You can find information about Google Analytics at the following link:  You can access Google’s privacy policy at the following link:

The data collected by third-party cookies may be transmitted to these third-parties, unless your browser settings prohibit such transmission. The transmitted data is used by these third parties as independent data controllers for their own purposes. If you do not wish to allow the transmission of your data, you can disable it by downloading or installing a browser module at

By accessing the website https:/        /, if this is permitted by the browser settings used by the Visitor or explicitly approved by the Visitor on the first visit to the website, the website may automatically save information using these cookies. Enabling the use of cookies is voluntary. It is usually possible to disable cookies in the browser’s Tools / Settings menu, under privacy and / or under a cookie or cookie menu item.

By consenting to the Cookie Notice popping up during the first use of our website and by using the website, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy notice, which includes your acceptance of third party cookies for the purposes and conditions detailed below. If you do not accept the use of cookies or would like to partially restrict them, please disable them by changing your browser settings so that the cookies on the website cannot be placed on your computer.

This cookie policy is to be read and understood in conjunction with our Data controlling policy, which contains detailed information about the identity and contact details of the data controller and the rights of the data subjects. 

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Our website uses the following cookies:

Essential cookies (cookies):

These cookies provide functions without which the Website does not function properly, the use of these cookies is absolutely necessary, the legal basis of the related data management is the data controller’s legitimate interest in the proper provision of the Website.

Name of the cookieThe cookie provider is 3rd partyType of the cookiePurpose of cookieData Collected by cookiesDuration of cookie

Function and performance cookies:

These cookies collect data about visitors to the Website anonymously – using a customer identification code randomly generated by the cookie – for statistical purposes. These cookies allow us to monitor and improve the performance of our website, for example, they allow us to track the number of visits, identify the source of traffic and the most popular parts of the site, and these cookies allow the website to remember your choices (such as username, language). Based on the data, the Data Controller is not able to identify the Data Subject and does not take steps to identify the Data Subject. The legal basis of data controlling is the data controller’s legitimate interest to receive information about the website traffic and other data for statistical purposes and thus to have the opportunity to develop the website and increase its security. The data controller uses the data anonymously to compile and analyze statistics, does not collect behavioral preferences, and automated decision-making is not based on them, nor does the Data controller send personalized offers to users on this basis.

Name of the cookieThe cookie provider is 3rd partyType of the cookiePurpose of cookieData Collected by cookiesDuration of cookie

Marketing cookies:

The purpose of using marketing cookies is to select the ads that are most interesting or important to our visitors and to display them on our website. The legal basis for data management is the consent of the Data Subject, which is given by selection at the first visits to the website in the pop-up cookie window. In the pop-up cookie window, only the absolutely necessary cookies and the Function and Performance cookies checkbox are checked (the legal basis for their use is not the user’s consent), consent to the use of Marketing cookies is given by ticking the Marketing cookies checkbox by the user. If the user does not change the predefined check marks, the Marketing cookies will not be installed automatically.

Name of the cookieThe cookie provider is 3rd partyType of the cookiePurpose of cookieData Collected by cookiesDuration of cookie