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Image storage

The image storage component is an integral part of our AI solution. Its primary function is to store all the images that are transmitted from the measuring unit, such as a camera, and ensure that they are easily accessible for future use.

Additionally, the image storage sends notifications to the system about new images that have been received. This allows the Brain, the central processing unit of our system, to analyze the images and provide real-time feedback to the production line.

Moreover, the image storage can be queried via HTTP requests, enabling authorized personnel to access the stored images and use them for various purposes. This function adds an extra layer of convenience, as users can retrieve images without having to go through the cumbersome process of accessing the MIB’s computer directly.

Key features

  • Image storage

    Accept images to store or listen to the file system to recognize when a new image is saved.

  • Notification

    Notifies subscribers when a new image is stored.

  • Publish images via HTTP

    Provides HTTP interface to access the stored images.