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Manager Service

Manager Service is the ultimate solution for connecting various services seamlessly. Designed to simplify your operations, our application connects, monitors and updates all other service applications in real-time.

With Manager Service, you can enjoy the convenience of having all your services easily accessible and managed from a central location. Plus, with high-bandwidth data access, you can be sure your operations will run smoothly and efficiently.

The MInD editor provides several user interfaces for managing different services.

Tool and Connection configuration

Through the user interface of the tool and connection layout, you have complete control over configuring parameters such as the address and port number of the remote access machine, whether it’s in the cloud or on a local network. Additionally, you can fine-tune the specific properties of each service to optimize your workflow.


By using the BrainDeploy layout, already prepared Brains can be saved and updated remotely on a computer or in the cloud. This backup can be immediate or timed (e.g. during a planned production line machine shutdown). The user interface provides real-time feedback on the status of the deploy.


The Manager is connected to all services of all remote machines, and the status and many logged properties of these services can be queried.


In order to keep the services on remote machines or in the cloud up to date, the Update user interface provides the option to ensure that the services have the latest version number.


Key features

  • Health check

    Continuously checking the health of the connected services.

  • Service directory

    Manage and access every services and clients in your ecosystem through the service directory.

  • Service discovery

    Discover services running on your network.

  • Remote configuration management

    Configure your services and connected clients remotely.

  • Update management

    Roll out immediate or scheduled software updates to your services.

  • Performance monitoring

    Monitor the performance of your services.