About us

We, the founders of Machine Intelligence, believe that Humans can reach their full potential if they learn to work together with Machines.

Machines are our best allies

By giving Machines intelligence, we enable them to better serve Humans. Creating Machine Intelligence is rewarding, and at the same time, it is a serious responsibility. We need to understand how Machines perceive our world, and what errors they can make under what conditions. We must be aware of their potential as well as their limitations.

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why it is high time to start using AI?

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Here we are

AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, impacting every aspect of modern life from smartphones to cars, i.e. all segments of industry.

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Over the past three years since our establishment, we have been privileged to serve a diverse range of clients on almost every continent of the world. This achievement has been made possible by the fact that our team members possess over a decade of experience in the industrial environment, which is underpinned by two decades of expertise in data analysis and processing in fields such as machine vision, voice recognition, and astronomy.



Start with a pilot project

We understand that, first, you want a quick and convincing pilot solution. To get there, we take your data and show you what can be achieved in a few days. This pilot allows us to speak the same language and to see how the final solution fits your internal systems. Based on the results, we define the project schedule and give an offer.

Our team’s extensive industrial experience is further bolstered by many years of collective software development experience in producing numerous industrial equipment, which has strengthened our cohesion and unity as a team. Additionally, we possess a profound understanding of industrial hardware, industrial computers, the manufacturing process, and the production line, including their unique requirements.

Develop the fully fledged solution

Next, usually within a few months, we deliver the production-level solution. To get there we have to go through the following steps:
  • We specify the hardware needs, and connect you with our partners, who deliver and install the camera, the lighting and the computers.
  • We set up your data collection process or generate synthetic data for you.
  • We can either annotate the data for you or train your staff to work on the annotation.
  • Using our MInD platform we design and train the deep learning model
  • We hand over the USB hardware keys that hold the permanent runtime license.

Maintenance & support

The performance of deep learning models can deteriorate over time due to changes in the production process: e.g. new input materials, different image acquisition, new type of error mechanisms, change in packaging, etc. The performance can be maintained in two ways:

The preferred way

Having a developer license to our MInD platform enables your workforce to extend the original training set with new samples and retrain the models, so the models remain up-to-date. We train your staff to use the platform and to be capable of extending the solutions.

The other way

We define a smaller scale maintenance project and our engineers refit the models for you. If you would like to get a quote, please Contact us.