Customized deep

learning solution

Outsource your machine learning work

Using our MInD platform, we develop a solution for your problem. In the end, we train your staff to maintain the solution and refit the underlying models if needed.

Businesses in the industrial, medical, and consumer service sectors use our products and services to automate their processes that only humans were able to do until recently. For example:


01 –

To check the quality of products by visual inspection

02 –

To provide quality assurance in the food industry

03 –

To count and classify cells or chromosomes in biomedicine

04 –

To analyze performance in the gaming industry

05 –

To measure geometrical characteristics (position, size, profile, distance, angle)

06 –

To track objects in agriculture

07 –

To perform time series analyses in healthcare and sport

Machine Intelligence


deep learning platform for engineers

With our MInD platform you can build end-to-end AI solutions in your business. It gives you all the necessary tools to the 5 stages of developing deep learning solutions:

  • Data management: PostgreSQL databases store the relations of your data and the assigned annotations.
  • Annotation: You can annotate the data on comfortable Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Model optimization: Pre- and post-processing operations can be optimized together with neural networks that best fits your problem.
  • Deployment: Deploy models either to the cloud or to on-premise computers or even to edge devices.
  • Maintenance: Easy integration with MES systems, detailed reports on model performance.


We can speed up your data annotation process

No AI solution can work without high-quality data annotation, i.e., without adding labels, masks, and numeric metadata to the training data. Annotation is often the bottleneck in an automation project, because it may require 80% to 90% of the total human effort devoted to the project…


After a small portion of the data has been manually annotated, the MIND Annotator learns to semi-automatically annotate the data. Next, the platform recommends annotations that humans can revise, and in this way the pre-annotating function can be iteratively improved. The result is an annotation process that is 10 to 100 times faster than a manual.


both at the Engineering and the Business level


At the core of our business is our experience with the practical applications of deep learning. In our consultation projects, we work closely with you to solve engineering and business problems.

01 –

We plan the automation process with you.

02 –

We help design the data collection.

03 –

We can either annotate the data for you or train your staff to annotate the data.

04 –

We train your engineers to deliver AI solutions and to maintain them on their own.

05 –

We take the responsibility of specifying all of your hardware needs, and we connect you with our partners who will install and maintain the hardware.


We can also assess your business from a broader perspective. We help business managers and executives consider how you can employ AI across your company to expand your business. We help you to:

01 –

Identify jobs that can be automated.

02 –

Reengineer business processes to cut costs or speed up your services.

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