Partnership Offer

For digital product developers

Digital product development has special needs, so we have a special offer for you.

We can accelerate your development cycle by providing the deep learning engine behind your product. Imagine what we can achieve if we start it in the early development stage.

MInD Platform is your solution if your product would benefit from:

  • Fast & robust image or video
  • Any sensor time series processing component.

We help you take advantage of the latest breakthrough in deep learning by building an AI engine that supports your silently and reliably.

We put you on a development fast track.

An easy-to-maintain deep learning engine combined with our expert consulting services will help you keep up with the rapidly evolving AI technologies.

The offer

Our special pricing arrangements will help your business grow faster. The convenient and flexible payment schedule for our services is designed to help your company achieve success as fast as possible.

Knowing early stage product development needs we have introduced different payment strategies:

  • Delayed payment of licences used (tied to agreed milestones)
  • Licence fee payment based on your product sales or your revenue
  • Aggregated licence use for short period of time to match development process needs
  • Annotation: extra resources from 3rd party partners