Partnership Offer for Digital Product Developers


Faster time to market

If your company develops digital products, we have a special offer for you. We can accelerate your development cycle by providing the deep learning engine behind your product.

If your product would benefit from a fast and robust image, video, or sensor time series processing component, we can help you take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in deep learning by building an AI engine that supports your product silently and reliably. 

We can put you on the fast track

An easy-to-maintain deep learning engine combined with our expert consulting services will help you keep up with the rapidly evolving AI technologies. 

The offer

Our special pricing arrangements will help your business grow faster. The convenient and flexible payment schedule for our services is designed to help your company achieve success as fast as possible. We assume part of your growth risk by allowing you to pay our licensing fees only after your product begins to generate revenue.

Let’s grow together

We provide a powerful, efficient and cost-effective way for you to grow faster. Build the future with the help of Machine Intelligence. 

Why us?


We designed our MIND platform so that it can be fully integrated with any digital product.

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We provide clean and well-documented APIs

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We automatically release quarterly updates to our platform

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We work as smoothly in the cloud as we do on the edge


We know how to support digital product development.

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Our developers hail from many different areas of the digital world: computer vision, metrology, financial technologies, IoT, virtual reality

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Take a look at a case study of how we collaborate with a digital product developer


We understand what you are dealing with.

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You already have the huge responsibility of maintaining the direction of your product development. Deep learning is evolving at an enormous rate. Working with us enables you to focus on your business, while we focus on keeping up with deep learning

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You are competing with giants in your industry. We’ll help you maintain your competitive advantage

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