Your AI vendor
Who are we?

We serve your business with AI-based solutions for real-life engineering problems. Our software products are ready to be trained on your data, whether it is image, video, or other sensor time series. We offer off-the-shelf software products, and if necessary, we customize the solution to your business.

We are your ai vendor

Who are you?

You want to modernize your business either by automating jobs or by improving your processes with AI-based predictions. You want to understand how AI is transforming your industry, and you are willing to invest in AI to stay one step ahead of your competition.

How do we work with you?

We work with you at two levels:


We understand that, first, you want a quick and convincing Proof-of-Concept. To get there, we take your data and show you what can be achieved in a few days.
Next, you decide:


We help you think over how you can employ AI systems across your business.

We educate your workforce to work with AI and to develop AI based tools for themselves.

What’s next?
About us
We, the founders of Machine Intelligence, believe that Humans can reach their full potential if they learn to work together with Machines.

Machines are our best allies.

By giving Machines intelligence, we enable them to better serve Humans. Creating Machine Intelligence is rewarding, and at the same time, it is a serious responsibility. We need to understand how Machines perceive our world, and what errors they can make under what conditions. We must be aware of their potential as well as their limitations.

We design intelligence.

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