MInD Platform

The solution for inspecting products

on industrial production lines

MInD in a nutshell

MInD is an end-to-end platform and development environment that:
  • completely manages data collection and annotation
  • parameterizes and trains the appropriate neural network
  • prepares a full report on the problem
  • deploy it to the appropriate hardware (computer, cloud, edge device)
  • operates and maintains the finished solution
  • can be used without programming and artificial intelligence knowledge
  • the SMART BUILDER system suggests automatic solutions
  • our manager service maintains connection with the MES
  • all of this can be run on-premise or in the cloud

Solve your problems with Ai in MInD

MInD is an all-encompassing AI solution capable of generating a deep learning model based on measured and saved data, while also providing real-time quality monitoring.

Unite complex factory measurement processes with MInD applications